KTI School of Aviation Studies

Providing second chance education to those who missed out on formal education. We believe in the our motor “strive to career success” to provide fair education to unfortunate young generation of this country. 

Kumul Training Institute, School of Aviation Studies (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) is a CASA PNG recognized and approved (CASAPNG Exposition 141/003) Aviation Training Organization under the PNG Civil Aviation Regulation Part 141 Rule of the PNG Act 2000.
The School of Aviation Studies, is offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering to students who are interested in aircraft maintenance profession in aviation industry. All syllabus for the engineering training programs are conducted in line with CASA (PNG), Civil Aviation Regulations Part 61 and 66 respectively with inclusive of other skilled subjects.

Course Overview

The course is covered over four semesters in two years which is a Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Mechanical and Avionics subjects.
These programs incorporate basic aeronautical studies whereby students are taught fundamental theories of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering for both Fixed & Rotary wing aircrafts.

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